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Table 1 Available instruments for assessment of apathy

From: Design and psychometric evaluation of epilepsy-related apathy scale (E-RAS) in adults with epilepsy: a sequential exploratory mixed methods design

NO Authors Scale Title Item Number Domain Target group Type
1 Overall and Gorham(1962) [18] Brief Psychiatric Rating scale 5   Paranoid, Schizophrenic and Depressive Sub-scale
2 Kay et al.(1989) [19] Positive and Negative Symptoms scale 8   schizophrenia Sub-scale
3 Andreasen(1989) [20] Assessment of Negative Symptoms 8   schizophrenia Sub-scale
4 Burns etal(1990) [21] Apathy 5 Single factor Huntington and Alzheimer disease full
5 Marin etal(1991) [22] Apathy Evaluation Scale (AES) 18 3 Well elderly, Left hemisphere stroke, Right hemisphere stroke, Probable Alzheimer’s disease and Major depression full
6 Cummings et al.(1994) [23] Neuropsychiatric Inventory 9   dementia patients Sub-scale
7 Starkstein et al.(1995) [24] Apathy Scale 14 Single factor Alzheimer’s disease full
8 Grace et al.(1999) [25] Frontal Systems Behaviour scale 27   frontal lobe brain-damaged patients Sub-scale
9 Strauss and Sperry(2002) [26] Dementia Apathy Interview and Rating 16   Alzheimer Disease Sub-scale
10 Norris and Tate(2002) [27] The Behavioral Assessment of Dysexecutive Syndrome- DEX 20   All groups Sub-scale
11 Robert et al.(2002) [28] Apathy Inventory 3 Emotional blunting, Lack of initiative and Lack of interest Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and mild cognitive impairment (caregiver and patient) Full
12 Belanger et al.(2002) [29] Key Behavior Change Inventory 28   Elderly with memory disorder Sub-scale
13 Sockeel etal(2006) [30] The Lille apathy rating scale (LARS) 33 reduction in everyday productivity; lack of interest; lack of initiative; extinction of novelty seeking and motivation; blunting of emotional responses; lack of concern; poor social life and extinction of self-awareness Parkinson’s disease full
14 Radakovic & Abrahams (2014) [31] Dimensional Apathy scale (DAS) 24 Executive, Emotional and Behavioral/Cognitive Initiation neurodegenerative disease and motor dysfunction such as Parkinson’s disease full
15 Ang etal(2017) [32] Apathy Motivation Index 18 behavioral, social and emotional All groups full