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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria of the three study populations

From: Intensive neurorehabilitation for patients with prolonged disorders of consciousness: protocol of a mixed-methods study focusing on outcomes, ethics and impact

  Population A Population B Population C b
Participants Patients with PDOC admitted to the EIN program Family members of population A • Treating physicians
• Nurses
• Multidisciplinary teamc
Inclusion criteria • Age > 16 years
• Diagnosis of PDOC based on CRS-Ra assessment by experienced researcher
• Medically stable, as judged by treating physician
• Age > 16 years
• Primary legal representative of patients included in population A
Currently working or was working until a maximum of 12 months ago, with PDOC patients within the Dutch chain of PDOC care
Exclusion criteria • Presence of progressive brain injury including neurodegenerative disorders
• Uncontrollable epilepsy
Non-fluency in Dutch or English Non-fluency in Dutch or English
  1. aCRS-R Coma recovery scale revised: Standardized assessment tool for differentiating levels of consciousness by observation of pa tients’ response to different stimuli [52]
  2. bPopulation C involves different participants per study theme- (see details in study methodology)
  3. cMultidisciplinary team includes besides physician and nurses other disciplines actively involved in PDOC rehabilitation like physiotherapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, social worker and psychologist