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Table 2 Data acquisition timepoints per study theme

From: Intensive neurorehabilitation for patients with prolonged disorders of consciousness: protocol of a mixed-methods study focusing on outcomes, ethics and impact

Study theme Timepoint of data collection Patient OR Patients Family (time investment in minutes) Treating physician (time investment in minutes) Other participants (time investment in minutes)
Treatment decisions (in a subset of minimum 6 cases) 1 week after EIN admission Questionnaire (20)
3 months post-injury Questionnaire (20)
Qualitative interview (60)
6 months post-injury Questionnaire (20)
Qualitative interview (60)
1 year post injury Questionnaire (20)
Qualitative interview (60)
2 year post-injury Questionnaire (20)
Qualitative interview (60)
Ethical Dilemmas (in a subset of max 5 cases) During the course of study cohort Moral deliberation (120) Multidisciplinary teama
Moral deliberation (120)
Dying in PDOC (in a subset of max 10 cases) 2 months after death of the patient Qualitative interview (90–120) Questionnaire (20)
Qualitative interview (60)
Nurses involved in terminal care
Qualitative interview (90)
Quality of outcomes (in a subset of max 10 cases) 2 years post injury Qualitative interview
Questionnaire (10)
Qualitative interview (30)
Impact on health care professionals Independent of study cohort Focus group discussion (120) Nurses Focus group discussion (120)
  1. aThe Multidisciplinary team includes physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, psychologist, social worker, nurses and physician