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Table 2 The selection process of relevant PROs for patients with an aSAH

From: Development of a patient-reported outcome measure for patients who have recovered from a subarachnoid hemorrhage: the “questionnaire for the screening of symptoms in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage” (SOS-SAH)

PROs Identified from literature (L) or added after interviews with healthcare professionals or patients (P) Final PROs used in the SOS-SAH
Fatigue L Yes
Pain / headache L Yes (headache only)
Mobility L No
Self-care L No
Vision L Yes
Language L Yes
Upper extremity functioning L No
Sleep disorders L No
Problems with sexuality L Yes
Cognitive functioning L Yes
Personality change L Yes
Depression L Yes
Anxiety L Yes
Posttraumatic stress disorder L No
Work and productivity L No
Family roles L No
Social roles L Yes
Smell P Yes
Hearing P Yes
Taste P Yes
Hypersensitiviy to stimuli P Yes
Degree of recovery P No
  1. L: literature; P: healthcare professionals or patients; PROs: patient-reported outcomes; SOS-SAH: Questionnaire for Screening of Symptoms in aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage