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Table 4 Significant predictors of PSQI as binary variables according to sex stratification and age at onset stratification from multivariate logistic regression analysis in PD patients

From: Sex and onset-age-related features of excessive daytime sleepiness and night-time sleep in patients with Parkinson’s disease

Variables Odds ratio (95% confidence interval) P-value
Overall model
 HRSD 1.098 (1.069–1.128) <  0.001
Male model
 HRSD 1.104 (1.063–1.146) <  0.001
Female model
 HRSD 1.103 (1.056–1.153) <  0.001
EOG model
 HRSD 1.084 (1.021–1.151) 0.008
LOG model
 HRSD 1.111 (1.007–1.146) <  0.001
  1. Abbreviations: PSQI Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, PD Parkinson’s disease, HRSD Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, EOG Early onset group, LOG Late-onset group