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Table 1 Seeking Information Axis: description, prevalence, and paraphrased representative quotes by theme

From: Nerve transfer surgery in spinal cord injury: online information sharing

Seeking Information Axis Axis Description Prevalence, n (%) Representative Quotes
Personal experience Requesting individual narrative of first-hand experience of nerve transfer 76 (54%) “Has anyone had any experience with nerve transfer in the hand, wrist or elbow to give function to the hands/fingers?”
Objective information Seeking information on nerve transfer surgery, investigations, surgical candidacy, and rehabilitative process 44 (31%) “So you mean nerve transfers follow a nerve study that shows results of peripheral nerve damage but must be done in first year?”
Surgeon/center Requesting contacts for a qualified surgeon or a specific hospital where nerve transfer is performed 13 (9%) “Would someone please private message me the surgeon that does this procedure?”
Second opinion Seeking further information or alternative perspectives after a nerve transfer consultation 6 (4%) “Do you have any negative feedback on nerve transfer? We have been interested in it but are afraid of having surgery, getting scars and then not having results. Thanks.”
Alternatives Requesting information on treatments to restore upper extremity function outside of nerve transfer 3 (2%) “Has anyone had Botox injections to affected finger? Did it work?”