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Table 2 Sharing Information Axis: description, prevalence, and paraphrased representative quotes by theme

From: Nerve transfer surgery in spinal cord injury: online information sharing

Sharing information Axis Description Prevalence, n (%) Representative Quotes
Personal experience Individual narrative relaying experience of nerve transfer, or of injury and alternative treatment (i.e. tendon transfer) in direct response to a question regarding nerve transfer 162 (52%) “My child had surgery last week with nerve grafts for both hands and tendon transfer on the right. In 6 months we expect enough strength to use a manual wheelchair, and in 2 months expect the ability to self-catheterize.”
Objective information on nerve transfer Sharing information on nerve transfer surgery, investigations, surgical candidacy, and rehabilitative process 41 (13%) “Typically neuro rehab or sports medicine doctors do electromyography. It isn’t invasive at all, takes place in regular patient rooms, and uses a very small needle and electrodes that send a small shock.”
Link share Sharing links to externals sites with information on nerve transfer (i.e. news outlets and resources) 38 (12%) “My partner participated in this study:
‘Rewiring nerves’ reverses hand and arm paralysis.”
Tagging Mentioning the name of another group member in the comments to draw their attention to a post on nerve transfer 33 (11%) N/A
Surgeon/center Providing the name of a surgeon performing nerve transfer or a center where the procedure is performed 27 (9%) “If there’s anyone looking for a good surgeon in USA, Dr. P in Atlanta does nerve and tendon transfers surgery! He has great communication and bedside manner and can help explain the procedure, and whether it’s an option for you.”
Alternatives Sharing information on treatments to restore upper extremity function outside of nerve transfer 10 (3%) “I’ve undergone stem cell treatments in Europe twice, both successful.”
Objective information on nerve injury Providing information on the nature of nerve injury 3 (< 1%) “It takes time for swelling on the spinal cord to go down. They will start to get motion back soon.”