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Table 5 Pearson correlation analysis of the relation between the inner diameters of the carotid arteries and patient age

From: Inner diameters of the normal carotid arteries measured using three-dimensional digital subtraction catheter angiography: a retrospective analysis

Inner diameter measured Pearson correlation coefficient (r) P
Left proximal carotid sinus (mm) -0.256  < 0.001
Right proximal carotid sinus (mm) -0.204 0.001
Left carotid sinus bulge (mm) -0.158 0.011
Right carotid sinus bulge (mm) -0.204 0.001
Left distal carotid sinus (mm) -0.284  < 0.001
Right distal carotid sinus (mm) -0.335  < 0.001
Left common carotid artery (mm) 0.127 0.035
Right common carotid artery (mm) 0.062 0.306