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Table 2 Case reports of neurological symptoms caused by spinal plasmacytoma

From: Confusion, cognitive impairment, and spinal cord compression caused by plasmacytoma: a case report

Author Year Patients Age/Sex Neurological symtoms
Baba H. et al. [4] 1998 8 (2 described) 58/woman 73/man back pain and hypoesthesia L4/L5
weakness of arms and sensory deficit below C5
Takahashi T. et al.[5] 1998 2 72/man
progressive paraparesis in both cases
Ho J. et al.[6] 2017 1 69/man lower right radiculopathy
Afonso PD. et al.[7] 2010 1 41/man back pain, paraparesis, and hyporeflexia of the lower limbs
Fridman A. et al.[8] 2009 1 46/woman Horner’s syndrome
Finsterer J. et al. [9] 2002 1 47/man transverse syndrome with pain and sensory disturbance
Terada T. et al.[10] 2011 1 53/woman paraplegia and back pain
Eseonu KC. et al.[11] 2020 1 71/woman paraplegia