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Table 2 Muscle ultrasound in a large subset of bilateral skeletal muscles

From: Natural history, outcome measures and trial readiness in LAMA2-related muscular dystrophy and SELENON-related myopathy in children and adults: protocol of the LAST STRONG study

Muscle Point of measurement
M. Temporalis Parallel to the oculus (above os zygomaticum)
M. Sternocleidomastoid 1/2 line lobulus auriculae to clavicula
M. Biceps brachii 2/3 line acromion – elbow fossa
M. Flexor carpi radialis 1/3 line elbow fossa – caput radii
M. Erector spinae thoracalis At the level of seventh thoracic vertebrae
M. Erector spinae lumbalis At the level of third lumbar vertebrae
M. Rectus abdominis 2 cm above umbilicus
M. Biceps femoris 1/2 line gluteal sulcus – popliteal fossa
M. Rectus femoris 1/2 line spina iliaca – upper edge of patella
M. Vastus lateralis 2/3 lateral line spina iliaca – upper edge of patella
M. Gastrocnemius - caput mediale 1/3 line popliteal fossa – medial malleolus
M. Soleus The place where gastrocnemius disappears and the fibula appears
M. Tibialis anterior 1/3 line lower edge patella – lateral malleolus