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Table 3 The associations of CSF HGF groups with baseline CSF AD biomarkers and cognitive function

From: Associations of the cerebrospinal fluid hepatocyte growth factor with Alzheimer’s disease pathology and cognitive function

Dependent variable CSF HGF
beta p value
CSF Aβ42 −8.4660 0.0358
CSF pTau 6.2368 3.96e-07
CSF tTau 21.6103 3.00e-10
MMSE scores 0.0449 0.7268
ADNI-MEM scores −0.0461 0.3075
ADNI-EF scores −0.0661 0.2953
  1. Multiple linear regression models were utilized to explore these associations. All models were adjusted for age, sex, years of education, APOE4 status, and diagnosis at baseline. Group A lowest tertile; Group B middle tertile; Group C highest tertile. Abbreviations: AD Alzheimer’s disease; CSF cerebrospinal fluid; HGF Hepatocyte Growth Factor