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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of three patients with Holmes tremor

From: Study on the pathogenesis of Holmes tremor by multimodal 3D medical imaging: case reports of three patients

Patient Gender Age of Onset Delay in HT Onset Time (Months) Past Medical History Etiology Lesion Location Side of Tremor Limb with Tremor Hemiplegia Aphasia Paresthesia Involvement of Oculomotor Nucleus Treatment Method, Remission Degree and Duration
Case 1 Female 73 12 Hypertension for 2+ years HICH Left thalamus Right Upper + lower limbs Yes None None None The symptoms disappeared 1 month after treatment with 2 mg clonazepam Tablets (qd po).
Case 2 Female 23 2 None AVM Left thalamus Right Upper + lower limbs None None None None pramipexole 0.375 mg/d,
20%, 1 month
Case 3 Male 71 0.5 Hypertension
2 years
HICH Right thalamus Left Upper limbs Yes None None Yes pramipexole 0.375 mg/d,
80%, 1 month
  1. Note: HICH hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage, AVM arteriovenous malformation