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Table 2 Radiological abnormalities in NPSLE and SLE patients.

From: Diffusion tensor imaging in neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus

Subject Group Atrophy Subcortical White Matter Periventricular White Matter Deep White Matter Old Infarct Recent Infarct
1 NPSLE    Yes Yes R Frontal  
2 NPSLE    Yes Yes   
3 NPSLE   General Yes   L Temporal/
4 NPSLE       
5 NPSLE       
6 NPSLE       
7 NPSLE General   Yes Yes R Frontal  
8 NPSLE       
9 NPSLE General General Yes   R Frontal; Cerebellum  
10 NPSLE    Yes    
11 NPSLE General   Yes    
12 NPSLE       
13 NPSLE       
14 NPSLE   R/L frontal/
Yes Yes   
15 NPSLE   R/L frontal Yes   Thalamus  
16 NPSLE       
17 NPSLE    Yes Yes R Occipital R Occipital
18 SLE   R frontal Yes Yes   
19 SLE       
20 SLE   R frontal     
21 SLE   R/L frontal;
L parietal
22 SLE   R/L frontal     
23 SLE       
24 SLE   R/L frontal;
L parietal
25 SLE   R/L frontal Yes    
26 SLE       
27 SLE       
28 SLE   R frontal     
29 SLE   R/L frontal; R/L parietal     
30 SLE       
31 SLE   L frontal     
32 SLE   R/L frontal Yes Yes   
33 SLE       
  1. Radiological findings for patients diagnosed with NPSLE and SLE. Three NPSLE patients had cortical atrophy. Four NPSLE and ten SLE patients had subcortical white matter lesions. Ten NPSLE and four SLE patients had periventricular white matter lesions. Five NPSLE and two SLE patients had deep white matter lesions. Six NPSLE patient had old infarcts. One NPSLE patient had recent infarct. NPSLE did not differ significantly from SLE patients on radiological reads except for old infarcts (Fisher's exact = .0184).
  2. R = Right Hemisphere; L = Left Hemisphere; R/L = Right and Left Hemisphere