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  1. Bow Hunter’s syndrome (BHS), also known as rotational vertebral artery occlusion (RVAO), is a rare condition characterized by dynamic vertebrobasilar insufficiency due to position-dependent occlusion of the ve...

    Authors: Li Zhang, Yu Gao, Xiao Yu, Ying Guo, Zhe Piao and Guangxian Nan
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:242
  2. Pure red cell aplasia (PRCA) in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD) has not been reported before. This study presents a patient with NMOSD who developed PRCA.

    Authors: Wanqing Jiang, Jue Wang, Yu Feng, Qian Liu, Mingjun Liu, Huiying Sun, Kun Zhang, Qingyu Ji, Peifei Jia and Xuewen Liu
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:241
  3. Symptoms reported by patients who sustain a concussion are non-specific. As such, clinicians are better able to manage patients when a standardized clinical exam is performed to sub-type the driver(s) of sympt...

    Authors: Nicholas Moser, Milos R. Popovic and Sukhvinder Kalsi-Ryan
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:239
  4. To explore carers’ experiences of behavioural symptoms in Motor Neurone Disease (MND), before and after using the MiNDToolkit, a novel internet-based psychoeducational intervention to support management of beh...

    Authors: Eneida Mioshi, Sue Heal and Thando Katangwe-Chigamba
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:238
  5. Neurofilament Light (NfL) is a biomarker for early neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). This study aims to examine the association between plasma NfL and multi-modal neuroimaging features across the ...

    Authors: Qili Hu, Mengqiu Shi, Yunfei Li and Xiaohu Zhao
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:236
  6. Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) can result in lasting brain damage that is often too subtle to detect by qualitative visual inspection on conventional MR imaging. Although a number of FDA-cleared MR neuroim...

    Authors: Farzaneh Rahmani, Richard D. Batson, Alexandra Zimmerman, Samir Reddigari, Erin D. Bigler, Shawn C. Lanning, Eveline Ilasa, Jordan H. Grafman, Hanzhang Lu, Alexander P. Lin and Cyrus A. Raji
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:235
  7. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is considered as a promising treatment option for post-stroke cognitive impairment (PSCI).Some meta-analyses have indicated that TMS can be effective in treating cogniti...

    Authors: Mingjin Zhu, Siyu Huang, Wenjun Chen, Guoyuan Pan and Yibo Zhou
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:234
  8. Body weight unloaded treadmill training has shown limited efficacy in further improving functional capacity after subacute rehabilitation of ischemic stroke patients. Dynamic robot assisted bodyweight unloadin...

    Authors: Jon Skovgaard Jensen, Anders Stengaard Sørensen, Christina Kruuse, Helle Hvilsted Nielsen, Cecilie Dollerup Skov, Henrik Boye Jensen, Marion S. Buckwalter, Jens Bojsen-Møller, Kate Lykke Lambertsen and Anders Holsgaard-Larsen
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:233
  9. High-frequency headache/migraine (HFM) and overuse of acute medication (medication overuse [MO]) are associated with increased disability and impact. Experiencing both HFM and MO can potentially compound impac...

    Authors: Dawn C. Buse, Roger Cady, Amaal J. Starling, Meghan Buzby, Charlie Spinale, Kathy Steinberg, Kevin Lenaburg and Steven Kymes
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:232
  10. Cryptococcal meningitis (CM) is a severe fungal disease in immunocompromised patients affecting the central nervous system (CNS). Host response and immunological alterations in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) af...

    Authors: Christine Dambietz, Michael Heming, Tobias J. Brix, Andreas Schulte-Mecklenbeck, Phil-Robin Tepasse, Catharina C. Gross, Jonel Trebicka, Heinz Wiendl and Gerd Meyer zu Hörste
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:229
  11. Dyspnea is considered a silent threat to people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and may be a common concern in patients, however, little is known about how it affects quality of life. This study explored th...

    Authors: Aseel Aburub, Mohammad Z. Darabseh, Zaina E. Abu-Khdair, Mohannad A. E’layan, Tariq Al Aqqad, Sean J. Ledger and Hanan Khalil
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:228
  12. The aim of this study was to investigate the factors influencing good outcomes in patients receiving only intravenous tirofiban with endovascular thrombectomy for large vessel occlusion stroke.

    Authors: Xiang Liu, Wencheng He, Meiqiong Li, Jie Yang, Jiacheng Huang, Weilin Kong, Changwei Guo, Jinrong Hu, Shuai Liu, Dahong Yang, Jiaxing Song, Zhouzhou Peng, Linyu Li, Yan Tian, Wenjie Zi, Chengsong Yue…
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:227
  13. Idiopathic acute transverse myelitis (IATM) is a focal inflammatory disorder of the spinal cord that results in motor, sensory, and autonomic dysfunction. However, the comparative analysis of MRI-negative and ...

    Authors: Yu Zhou, Qianxi Chen, Weiming Gan, Xiuwen Lin, Bo Wang, Meihong Zhou, Xiaomu Wu, Daojun Hong and Hao Chen
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:226
  14. The Stroke Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (SSEQ) measures the self-confidence of the individual in functional activities after a stroke. The SSEQ is a self-report scale with 13 items that assess self-efficacy aft...

    Authors: Waffa Uroose, Mehwish Ikram, Maryam Ikram, Syed Shaki ur Rehman, Marvi Asif and Hafiza Rabia Javed
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:225
  15. Neuropsychological symptoms in the Cognitive, Energetic, Behavioural, and Affective (CEBA) domains are common in people with multiple sclerosis (PwMS) and can negatively affect societal participation. The curr...

    Authors: Anniek Reinhardt, Sandra E. Rakers, Dorothea J. Heersema, Ernesto A. C. Beenakker, Jan F. Meilof, Marieke E. Timmerman and Jacoba M. Spikman
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:224
  16. Diagnosis and monitoring of leptomeningeal malignancy remain challenging, and are usually based on neurological, radiological, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and pathological findings. This study aimed to investiga...

    Authors: Le Zhang, Kechi Fang, Haitao Ren, Siyuan Fan, Jing Wang and Hongzhi Guan
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:223
  17. Spatial normalization to a standardized brain template is a crucial step in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies. Brain templates made from sufficient sample size have low brain variability, improving the ...

    Authors: Wheesung Lee, Subin Lee, Yeseung Park, Grace Eun Kim, Jong Bin Bae, Ji Won Han and Ki Woong Kim
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:222
  18. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by motor and nonmotor system manifestations and psychiatric symptoms. The aim of this study was to estimate the age- and sex-s...

    Authors: Claudius Wattenbach, Gisa Ellrichmann, Insa Feinkohl, Sabrina Voß and Ralph Brinks
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:221
  19. The relationship between inflammation and covert cerebral small vessel disease (SVD) with regards to sex difference has received limited attention in research. We aim to unravel the intricate associations betw...

    Authors: Bo-An Chen, Wei-Ju Lee, Lin-Chieh Meng, Yi-Chin Lin, Chih-Ping Chung, Fei-Yuan Hsiao and Liang-Kung Chen
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:220
  20. People with Parkinson’s disease (PD) are very sensitive to the effects of stress. The prevalence of stress-related neuropsychiatric symptoms is high, and acute stress worsens motor symptoms. Animal studies sug...

    Authors: Anouk van der Heide, Franziska Goltz, Nienke M. de Vries, Bastiaan R. Bloem, Anne E. Speckens and Rick C. Helmich
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:219
  21. Growing evidence indicated that to develop of atherosclerosis observed more often by people with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), but the underlying mechanism is not fully clarified. Considering that amyloid-β (Aβ) d...

    Authors: Chen Chen, Wang Anqi, Gao Ling, Wei Shan, Dang Liangjun, Shang Suhang, Huo Kang, Gao Fan, Wang Jingyi, Qu Qiumin and Wang Jin
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:218
  22. Clopidogrel has been the primary choice of antiplatelet in ischemic stroke that inhibits adenosine diphosphate (ADP)-induced platelet aggregation. P-glycoprotein (P-gp) multidrug resistance-1 (MDR1) is a transmem...

    Authors: Rakhmad Hidayat, Rizqi Amanda Nabilah, Marc Fisher, Tiara Aninditha, Mohammad Kurniawan, Riwanti Estiasari, Luh Ari Indrawati, Ahmad Yanuar Safri, Taufik Mesiano, Al Rasyid and Salim Harris
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:216
  23. While many patients with neurological disorders and conditions use complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine (CAIM), little is known about the use, perceptions, and attitudes regarding CAIM among pu...

    Authors: Jeremy Y. Ng, Stephanie Y. Li and Holger Cramer
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:215
  24. Chronic migraine (CM) is the most severe and burdensome subtype of migraine. Fremanezumab is a monoclonal antibody that targets the calcitonin gene-related peptide pathway as a migraine preventive therapy. Thi...

    Authors: Sharon Wolters, Johannes A. Carpay, Marja H. Pronk, Karin W.M. Zuurbier, Maurice T. Driessen, Leonidas Lyras and Maarten J. Postma
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:214
  25. After spinal cord injury (SCI), a large number of survivors suffer from severe motor dysfunction (MD). Although the injury site is in the spinal cord, excitability significantly decreases in the primary motor ...

    Authors: Chunqiu Dai, Xiaodong Lin, Baijie Xue, Xiao Xi, Ming Gao, Xinyu Liu, Tao Han, Qiaozhen Li, Hua Yuan and Xiaolong Sun
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:213
  26. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disease for which no disease-modifying therapies exist. Preclinical and clinical evidence suggest that repeated exposure to intermittent hypoxia might have short...

    Authors: Jules M. Janssen Daalen, Marjan J. Meinders, Soania Mathur, Hieronymus W.H. van Hees, Philip N. Ainslie, Dick H.J. Thijssen and Bastiaan R. Bloem
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:212
  27. Congenital myasthenic syndromes (CMS) are among the most challenging differential diagnoses in the neuromuscular domain, consisting of diverse genotypes and phenotypes. A mutation in the Docking Protein 7 (Dok...

    Authors: Bentolhoda Ziaadini, Bardyia Ghaderi Yazdi, Elham Dirandeh, Reza Boostani, Narges Karimi, Akram Panahi, Ariana Kariminejad, Mahsa Fadaee, Fatemeh Ahangari and Shahriar Nafissi
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:211
  28. We analyzed the changes in various motor function scores over a four-year period in patients with non-ambulatory spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) during Nusinersen treatment. Patients underwent Hammersmith Infant...

    Authors: Jin A. Yoon, Yuju Jeong, Jiae Lee, Dong Jun Lee, Kyung Nam Lee and Yong Beom Shin
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:210
  29. Edaravone dexborneol has been reported as an effective neuroprotective agent in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke (AIS). This study aimed at investigating the impact of edaravone dexborneol on functional ...

    Authors: Wenxia Chen, Hanqing Zhang, Zhenzhen Li, Qiwen Deng, Meng Wang, Yingbin Chen and Yuan Zhang
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:209
  30. Parkinson’s disease (PD) significantly impacts the health-related quality of life of affected individuals and their relatives. In order to support the affected individuals and their families in coping with PD,...

    Authors: Theresia Krieger, Leonie Jozwiak, Georg Ebersbach, Thorsten Suess, Björn Falkenburger, Tim Feige, Carsten Eggers, Tobias Warnecke, Winfried Scholl, Christian Schmidt-Heisch, Ann-Kristin Folkerts, Elke Kalbe and Ümran Sema Seven
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:208
  31. Endovascular therapy (EVT) is the most successful treatment for patients with acute ischemic stroke (AIS) due to large vessel occlusion (LVO) in the anterior circulation. However, futile recanalization (FR) se...

    Authors: Li-Rong Wang, Bing-Hu Li, Qi Zhang, Xu-Dong Cheng, Li-Jun Jia, Sen Zhou, Shu Yang, Jian-Hong Wang and Neng-Wei Yu
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:207
  32. Mutations in the SLC5A7 gene cause congenital myasthenia, a rare genetic disorder. Mutation points in the SLC5A7 gene differ among individuals and encompass various genetic variations; however, exon deletion v...

    Authors: Sheng Tian, Huan Sun, Fen-Fang Gao, Kang Zhang, Jing Nan, Mu Niu, Xiao Jia, Gang Xu and Wei Ge
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:206
  33. The application of cerebellar transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in stroke patients has received increasing attention due to its neuromodulation mechanisms. However, studies on the effect and safety of ce...

    Authors: Jingfeng Wang, Zhisheng Wu, Shanshan Hong, Honghong Ye, Yi Zhang, Qiuxiang Lin, Zehuang Chen, Liling Zheng and Jiawei Qin
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:205
  34. Hypoxia can cause a variety of diseases, including ischemic stroke and neurodegenerative diseases. Within a certain range of partial pressure of oxygen, cells can respond to changes in oxygen. Changes in oxyge...

    Authors: Chuncheng Liu, Gehui Liu, Xinyang Zuo, Donghui Qu, Yefeng Sun, Linan Liu, Xiujuan Zhao, Jun Li and Lu Cai
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:204
  35. We present a rare case of NeuroBehcet’s-related intracranial hypertension without cerebral venous thrombosis (NBrIHwCVT), occurring as the first presentation of NeuroBehcet’s. In addition, we describe the nove...

    Authors: Jinesh Mukesh Shah, Warren Fong and Deidre Anne De Silva
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:203
  36. Intratumoral hemorrhage, though less common, could be the first clinical manifestation of glioma and is detectable via MRI; however, its exact impacts on patient outcomes remain unclear and controversial. The ...

    Authors: Yixin Shi, Xiaoman Kang, Yulu Ge, Yaning Cao, Yilin Li, Xiaopeng Guo, Wenlin Chen, Siying Guo, Yaning Wang, Delin Liu, Yuekun Wang, Hao Xing, Yu Xia, Junlin Li, Jiaming Wu, Tingyu Liang…
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:202
  37. In the United States, there are over seven million stroke survivors, with many facing gait impairments due to foot drop. This restricts their community ambulation and hinders functional independence, leading t...

    Authors: Piyashi Biswas, Lucy Dodakian, Po T. Wang, Christopher A. Johnson, Jill See, Vicky Chan, Cathy Chou, Wendy Lazouras, Alison L. McKenzie, David J. Reinkensmeyer, Danh V. Nguyen, Steven C. Cramer, An H. Do and Zoran Nenadic
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:200
  38. Process approach is valuable for memory assessment in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and mild cognitive impairment (MCI), yet its underlying mechanisms remain elusive. This study aims to synergize the process approa...

    Authors: Wenhao Zhu, Xia Zhou, Mengmeng Ren, Wenwen Yin, Yating Tang, Jiabin Yin, Yue Sun, Xiaoqun Zhu and Zhongwu Sun
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:199
  39. At present, the most effective treatment for symptomatic moyamoya disease (MMD) is surgery. However, the high incidence of postoperative complications is a serious problem plaguing the surgical treatment of MM...

    Authors: Jiangbo Ding, Xuying Chang, Peiyu Ma, Guangwu Yang, Ruoyu Zhang, Yuanyuan Li, Ting Lei, Linjie Mu, Xingkui Zhang, Zhigao Li, Jinwei Tang and Zhiwei Tang
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:198
  40. Individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) can experience accelerated cognitive aging. Myokines (factors released from muscle cells during contractions), such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), are th...

    Authors: Wouter A. J. Vints, Oron Levin, Martijn van Griensven, Johan W. S. Vlaeyen, Nerijus Masiulis, Jeanine Verbunt and Charlotte C. M. van Laake-Geelen
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:197
  41. Following a stroke, patients may suffer from alterations in the perception of their own body due to an acquired deficit in body representations. While such changes may impact their quality of life as well as r...

    Authors: Stéphanie Konik, Valérie Beaud, Julia Fellrath, Isabella Martinelli, Eleonora Guanziroli, Franco Molteni, Michela Bassolino and Andrea Serino
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:196
  42. The newest generation of Neuroform Atlas stent™ (Stryker, Fremont, California) represents a recent advance of cerebral laser-cut microstents for the treatment of intracranial wide-necked aneurysms, and postope...

    Authors: Shibao Chen, Huibin Kang, Dili Wang, Yan Li, Jamali Aikebaier, Yabo Li, Xinshan Wu, Yuhua Guan and Yisen Zhang
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:195
  43. The treatment regimen for tuberculous meningitis (TBM) remains unclear and requires optimization. There are some reports on successful adjunct intrathecal dexamethasone and isoniazid (IDI) treatment strategies...

    Authors: Yan Gao, Jinwen Su, Yuxiang Ma, Yunliang Sun, Jiyong Cui, Xianhe Jin, Yuxi Li and Zhi Chen
    Citation: BMC Neurology 2024 24:194

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