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Table 1 In- and exclusion criteria

From: Exercise therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to improve fatigue, daily activity performance and quality of life in Postpoliomyelitis Syndrome: the protocol of the FACTS-2-PPS trial

Inclusion criteria
(1) diagnosis of PPS according to the criteria of March of Dimes [1]
(2) severe perceived fatigue (CIS-fatigue > = 35) [47]
(3) age between 18 and 75 years
(4) life-expectancy longer than one year
(5) walking-ability at least indoors with or without a walking aid
(6) ability to cycle on a cycle ergometer against a load of at least 25 Watt
Exclusion criteria
(1) use of psychotropic drugs or other psychiatric treatment
(2) clinical depression (BDI-PC > 6) [48]
(3) disabling co-morbidity interfering with the intervention programs or influencing outcome
parameters (including cardiopulmonary disease, epileptic seizures, poorly regulated diabetes mellitus)
(4) respiratory insufficiency (FVC < 50%pred or CO2 retention) or assisted ventilation
(5) cognitive impairment
(6) insufficient mastery of the Dutch language
(7) pregnancy