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Table 1 Overview of measurements per time point

From: Research into the (Cost-) effectiveness of the ketogenic diet among children and adolescents with intractable epilepsy: design of a randomized controlled trial

Measurement T0 T1* T2 T3 FU1* FU2* FU3* FU4*
Demographic characteristics x        
Clinical measurement x x x x x x x x
National Hospital Seizure severity scale x x x x x x x x
Side effects of Anti-Epileptic Drug x x x x x x x x
Credibility And Expectancy Questionnaire x        
Peabody Picture Vocabulary test x    x     x
Beery Developmental Visual-Motor Integration test x    x     x
Fepsy computerized test x    x     x
Kaufman Assessment Battery x    x     x
Actigraphy x    x     x
SEV Questionnaire x    x     x
SDQ Questionnaire x    x     x
POMS Questionnaire x    x     x
The Personal Adjustment and Role Skills Scale x    x     x
The Hague Restrictions in Childhood Epilepsy Scales x    x     x
EuroQol x    x     x
TAPQOL or TACQOL x    x     x
Blood x   x x x x x x
Urine x   x x x x x x
Keton bodies measurement x x x x x x x x
ECG x    x x x x x
  1. T0 = baseline; T1 = Admission; T2 = 6 weeks after baseline period; T3 = 4 months after baseline period; FU1 = 3 months follow-up; FU2 = 6 months follow-up; FU3 = 9 months follow-up; FU12 = 12 months follow-up; *= intervention group only.