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Table 3 Predictors of cognitive impairment at Year 3, defined as impaired performance on ≥3 cognitive tests (multivariate logistic regression)

From: Changes in magnetic resonance imaging disease measures over 3 years in mildly disabled patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis receiving interferon β-1a in the COGnitive Impairment in MUltiple Sclerosis (COGIMUS) study

  Odds ratio 95% CI
Stable/increased T2 lesion volume over 3 years
   Treatment with sc IFN β-1a 44 µg tiw 0.45 0.23-0.91
   Baseline BH lesion volume 1.01 1.00-1.01
   Number of new T2 lesions 1.13 1.02-1.26
Stable/increased BH volume over 3 years
   Treatment with sc IFN β-1a 44 µg tiw 0.46 0.23-0.92
   ESS score at baseline 0.82 0.69-0.98
   Presence of new BH over 3 years 3.21 1.52-6.75
Three or more impaired cognitive tests at Year 3
   Baseline T2 lesion volume 1.01 1.00-1.01
   Verbal IQ* 0.92 0.87-0.98
   IFN β-1a, 44 μg sc tiw 0.31 0.10-0.98
  1. CI, confidence interval; IFN, interferon; IQ, intelligence quotient; sc, subcutaneously; tiw, three times weekly.
  2. *Higher score denotes superior outcome.