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Archived Comments for: Diagnostic accuracy of cerebrospinal fluid protein markers for sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in Canada: a 6-year prospective study

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  1. Errata for Coulthart et al., BMC Neurology 2011 Oct 27;11(1):133

    Michael Coulthart, Public Health Agency of Canada

    26 November 2011

    There are two typographical errors in the final published version of this paper, for which the corresponding author accepts full responsibility. Page references are to the final PDF version.

    1. Page 6, first paragraph, line 7:

    " ... result below T2.5 + T1000 ... " should read
    " ... result below T2.5 + T976 ... ".

    2. Table 3, lines 4 and 10:

    "T1000" should read "T976".

    M.B. Coulthart

    Competing interests