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Table 2 The preoperative NCOS by claudication distance among the study sample (known groups comparison)

From: An outcome measure of functionality in patients with lumber spinal stenosis: a validation study of the Iranian version of Neurogenic Claudication Outcome Score (NCOS)

Claudication distance as measured by the SPWT Mean NCOS score* SD
Poor (less than 100 meter) 19.9 9.9
Fair (between 100 and 800 meter) 24.8 12.4
Good (between 800 and 1600 meter) 28.9 13.7
Very Good (more than 1600 meter) 33.9 14.8
P** < 0.0001  
  1. * Higher scores indicate better conditions.
  2. ** Derived from one-way analysis of variance (the Bonferroni correction was used as post-hoc analysis).