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Table 4 The risk of hemorrhagic transformation or cerebral microbleeds according to the severity of obesity

From: Paradoxical effect of obesity on hemorrhagic transformation after acute ischemic stroke

  OR for HTf or cerebral microbleeds
  Unadjusted OR (95% CI) Adjusted OR (95% CI)*
Underweight (<18.5 kg/m2) 0.71 (0.23-2.18) 0.65 (0.19-2.25)
Normal (18.5-22.9 kg/m2) 1.00 (reference) 1.00 (reference)
Overweight (23.0-24.9 kg/m2) 0.87 (0.48-1.57) 0.80 (0.42-1.52)
Obesity (≥25 kg/m2) 0.93 (0.55-1.57) 0.92 (0.51-1.69)
  1. HTf indicated hemorrhagic transformation; OR, odds ratio; and CI, confidence interval.
  2. *ORs (95% CI) were adjusted by age, gender, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipemia, current smoking, initial NIHSS score, thrombolysis, acute heparin treatment, stroke subtype, previous aspirin use, previous warfarin use, and the presence of advanced WMLs.