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Table 4 Nutritional supplements and functional foods taken in our population [15]

From: Weight loss, dysphagia and supplement intake in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS): impact on quality of life and therapeutic options

Nutritional supplement Mechanism of action (hypothesis) Percentage (%) in our population
Magnesium Against cramps 63,6
Vitamin E Antioxidant 40,3
Vitamin B (6 + 12) Other agent 13,6
Vitamin C Antioxidant 10,6
Vitamins, not specified Antioxidant 7,6
Homeopathic medication   4,5
Folate Other 4,5
Calcium Bone regeneration 3,0
Carnitin Antioxidant/Mitochondrial stabilizer 3,0
CoQ10 Antioxidant/Mitochondrial stabilizer 3,0
Schussler salts   3,0
L-Arginin Muscle regeneration 3,0
Zinc Other 3,0
Vitamin A Antioxidant 1,5
Lipoic acid (Omega3) Antioxidant/Anti-glutamate 1,5
Grape seed extract Antioxidant/Anti-glutamate 1,5
Vitamin D Other 1,5
Lycopin (tomato) Antioxidant, Radical scavenger 1,5
Selen Radical scavenger 1,5
Enzymes (Papain, (Chymo)Trypsin) Antithrombotic, eupeptic 1,5
Protein preparation Muscle regeneration 1,5
Willow capsules Against pain 1,5
Chlorella Against heavy metals 1,5
Himalaya salt   1,5
Not specified   12,1