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Table 1 Classification of the types and subtypes of demyelinating lesions

From: Comparison of diffusion-weighted imaging and contrast-enhanced T1-weighted imaging on a single baseline MRI for demonstrating dissemination in time in multiple sclerosis

Lesion type CE T1WI DWI Lesion subtype DWI ADC eADC
I C+ Hyper A Hyper Hypo Hyper
II C+ Iso or hypo
III C– Hyper B Iso, hypo or hyper (T2 T-S) Iso or hyper Iso or hypo
IV C– Iso or hypo     
  1. CE T1WI, contrast-enhanced T1-weighted imaging; DWI, diffusion-weighted imaging; ADC, apparent diffusion coefficient; eADC, exponential apparent diffusion coefficient; C +, enhancing; C –, nonenhancing; hyper, hyperintense; iso, isointense; hypo, hypointense; T2 T-S, T2-shine through effect.