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Table 1 ICD 10 codes used to identify cases of traumatic brain injury

From: The epidemiology of hospital treated traumatic brain injury in Scotland

Description of injury Code
Open wound of the head S01.0, S01.9
Fracture of skull and facial bones S02.0, S02.1, S02.3, S02.7, S02.9
Injury to optic nerve and pathways S04.0
Intracranial injury S06.0, S06.9
Crushing injury of head S07.0, S07.1, S07.8. S07.9
Other unspecified injuries of head S09.7, S09.9
Open wounds involving head with neck T01.0
Fractures involving head with neck T02.0
Crushing injuries involving head with neck T04.0
Injuries of brain and cranial nerve with injuries of nerves and spinal cord at neck level T06.0
Sequelae of injuries of head T90.1, T90.2, T90.4, T90.5, T90.8, T90.9