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Table 2 Summary of assessments

From: Emergence and evolution of social self-management of Parkinson’s disease: study protocol for a 3-year prospective cohort study

Assessment ICF component
In-person full interview  
Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) B
Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) B
Activity Card Sort (ACS) A
Qualitative self-management interview A, B, E
Social network items E
Chronic Illness Resource Survey (modified) (CIRS) E
Home visit assessment1 E
Social Isolation domain, Nottingham Health Profile (NHP) B, E
Positive Social Interaction items, Medical Outcome Study: Social Support Survey (MOS) B, E
Stigma Scale for Chronic Illness (SSCI) B, E
Version 2 of 12 item form of SF-36 (SF-12) A, B
39 item Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire2 (PDQ-39) A, B, E
8 item form of PDQ-393 (PDQ-8) A, B, E
Movement Disorder Society Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scales4 (MDS-UPDRS) B
Telephone interview  
Short qualitative management interview A, B, E
SF-12 A, B
PDQ-83 A, B, E
  1. Notes. All assessments are administered to both participants, except PDQ-39, PDQ-8 and MDS-UPDRS, which are administered only to the participant with PD. Unless otherwise indicated in footnotes, all in-person full interview assessments are administered at baseline and six months thereafter. All telephone assessments are administered at month 3 and every 6 months thereafter (between full interview assessments). Abbreviations: PD = Parkinson’s disease; ICF = International Classification of Functioning, Disability & Health, A = Activities & Participation, B = Body function, E = Environment; MOS = Medical Outcomes Study.
  2. 1The modified CIRS is the primary assessment for the home visit, along with an assessment of environmental barriers and facilitators of participation. Administered at month 18 only.
  3. 2Administered at baseline, at month 6 and every year thereafter.
  4. 3Administered when PDQ-39 not administered: at year 1 and every year thereafter.
  5. 4Administered at year 1 and every year thereafter.