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Table 2 Approximate sizes of YAC clones spanning the 2q24-31.1 autosomal recessive spastic CP disease gene locus, used to estimate the minimum physical size of the region (kb). The CEPH MEGA and ICI YACs were sized using CHEF PFGE compared against the native yeast chromosomes. This confirmed the estimated size ranges of the YAC inserts, predicted by the Whitehead Institute (WI) database of YAC clones.

From: Homozygosity for a missense mutation in the 67 kDa isoform of glutamate decarboxylase in a family with autosomal recessive spastic cerebral palsy: parallels with Stiff-Person Syndrome and other movement disorders

CEPH human MEGA-YAC clones ICI human YAC clones
Clone Size (kb) Clone Size (kb)
910-G12 1630 40D-E3 290
744-G6 1120 35B-D2 260
912-B6 1190 33D-C4 120, 480
945-C12 1540 30H-D2 250
842-G3 1330 30A-D10 260
797-G4 1000 18B-E3 120
807-H5 1680, 1290 16F-H2 220
752-G9 1740 13I-G11 230
785-G8 690, 1060 13I-E10 460
842-G1 1380 8D-E12 280
757-E1 1100   
812-G1 1540   
863-H12 1550   
935-E10 1360   
785-G8 1060   
751-H3 1780   
963-D11 1670, 890