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Archived Comments for: A chronic fatigue syndrome – related proteome in human cerebrospinal fluid

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  1. Biomarkers for Environmentally induced illnesses revealed

    lisa nagy, American Academy of Environmental Medicine

    9 March 2007

    I think that the presentation of this data in Fort Lauderdale at the IACFS sympsium in January 2007 was overwhelmingly exciting. In the presentation Dr. Baraniuk mentions that the chemically sensitive patient was included in this study. I see no mention of Chemically sensitive patients in this article -- however. I now understand that he found enormous crossover among the syndromes between all the patient groups with symptoms of sensitivity to chemicals. This study needs replication or clarification and description of the symtpoms complexes of these patients so that the scientific community will see that the EI or chemically sensitive patient is 1. physiologically abnormal and 2. has common roots with these other syndromes which are simply variations on the same EI theme. Brilliant and brave work. Lisa Nagy M. D.

    Chair of PR AAEM

    Competing interests

    I suffered from Chemical Sensitivity and now help people at no charge with the syndrome. Originally trained in Emergency Medicine,attended Cornell Medical College.