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Table 1 Gender, age, and diagnosis of individual subjects.

From: Cooling via one hand improves physical performance in heat-sensitive individuals with Multiple Sclerosis: A preliminary study

Subject Gender Age Type Primary symptoms
1 M 45 RR Leg muscle weakness, cognitive difficulties
2 M 63 RR Spasticity, cognitive difficulties
3 M 42 RR Fatigue, balance, cognitive difficulties
4 F 53 RR Fatigue, balance, spasticity
5 M 46 RR Leg motor control, balance
6 M 55 SP Limb weakness
7 F 55 RR Fatigue, postural muscle weakness
8 F 55 SP Leg motor control
9 M 53 RR Ataxic gait, cognitive difficulties
10 F 56 RR Leg muscle weakness, spasticity, fatigue
11 F 42 RR Vertigoa
12 F 45 RR Limb weaknessa
  1. RR-Relapsing Remitting, SP- Secondary Progressive.
  2. a subject withdrew from study due to self-reported relapse.