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Table 2 Outcome domains and assessment instruments and moments

From: Mental practice-based rehabilitation training to improve arm function and daily activity performance in stroke patients: a randomized clinical trial

Domain Assessment instrument Abbr. T0 T1 T2 T3 T4
Medical information - Brain lesion   X     
  - Type of stroke   X     
  - Co-morbidity   X     
Basic level of functioning - Barthel score BI X   X   X
  - Frenchay Activity Index FAI X* X X   X
Cognitive functioning - Cognitive Log Cog-log X     
  - Vividness of Movement Imagery Q. VMIQ X     
  - Credibility/Expectancy Q. CEQ X     
UEF level of impairment - Brunnstrom-Fugl-Meyer test FM X X X   X
  - Strength: part of WMFT WMFT str X X X   X
  - Spasticity: Tardieu scale MTS X X X   X
UEF level of activity - Wolf Motor Function Test WMFT X X X   X
  - Frenchay Arm Test FAT X X X   X
  - Accelerometry ACC X X X   X
UEF level of participation - Impact on Participation and Autonomy questionnaire IPA      X
  - Stroke-Specific Quality of Life SS-Qol      X
  - EuroQol EO-6D   X X   X
Cost - Cost questionnaire CQ X X X X X
Process evaluation - Diary   X    
  1. T0 = baseline
  2. UEF = upper extremity functioning
  3. T1 = 10 weeks after T0
  4. T2 = 6 months after T0
  5. T3 = 9 months after T0
  6. T4 = 12 months after T0
  7. * The FAI on T0 retrospectively assesses the pre-morbid activity level