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Table 2 Variables and measurement instruments

From: Cardiac rehabilitation adapted to transient ischaemic attack and stroke (CRAFTS): a randomised controlled trial

  Instrument Baseline Post Intervention 1 year Follow up
Cardiac Risk     
Cardiac risk score
Waist girth (Wilson et al 1998) [38]
Tape measure

Waist girth Tape measure
Lipid profile (Cholesterol, trigylceride, HDL, LDL) Biochemical analysis
Blood Pressure Sphygomanometer
Non-fatal CVD/CeVD Event    
Physical Fitness & Function     
Resting HR Polar heart rate monitor  
Height, Weight, BMI Weighing Scales & Meter Rule
Aerobic Fitness – VO2 Astrand Rhyming submaximal exercise test with cycle ergometer
Peak Rate Pressure Product Polar heart rate monitor and Sphygomanometer
Self-Reported Function     
Physical activity and exercise participation
% taking moderate and vigorous exercise 3 times per week
International Physical Activity Questionnaire(IPAQ) [40].
Health Related Quality of Life COOP/WONCA Functional health status charts [43]
Stroke Specific Quality of Life Index [42]

Health Behaviours     
Smoking – % smoking
Self Reported Status
Fruit & vegetable servings/day