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Table 2 Summary of the subcomponents and the items of the Mini-BESTest 1

From: The Mini-BESTest - a clinically reproducible tool for balance evaluations in mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease?

Anticipatory postural adjustments 2 Sensory orientation 2
- Sit to stand - Stance on firm surface; eyes open
- Rise to toes - Stance on foam surface; eyes closed
- Stand on one leg (right and left)4 - Stance on incline surface, eyes closed
Postural responses 2 Dynamic gait 3
- Compensatory stepping correction; forward - Change in gait speed
- Compensatory stepping correction; backward - Walk with head turns; horizontal
- Compensatory stepping correction; lateral (right and left)4 - Walk with pivot turns
  - Step over obstacles
  - Timed up & go with dual-task