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Table 3 Study flowchart of the HEBRAS study

From: HEart and BRain interfaces in Acute ischemic Stroke (HEBRAS) – rationale and design of a prospective oberservational cohort study

  In-hospital stay Follow-up
  Admission Day 1 Day ≥2 Discharge 3 months 12 months
Baseline data* X      
Past medical history X     X X
Heart rate at rest (routine) X X Daily X   
Heart rhythm (routine) X X Daily X   
12-lead ECG X      
24-hour Holter    (X)    
Additional ECG monitoringa ongoing ongoingc   
Respiratory rate X X Daily    
Clinical signs of infection X   X X   
Leukocytes [per mm3] X      
Creatinine [mg/dl] X      
Potassium [mmol/l] X      
Serum hs troponin I [ng/l] X X     
NT-proBNP [ng/l]   X     
Urine norepinephrine [nmol/l]   X     
Cardiac MRI   X     
MR angiographyb   X     
Brain MRI   X     
NIHSS X    X   
Modified Rankin scale score X    X X X
Recurrent stroke, myocardial infarction or death of any cause   X X X  
  1. asee Methods section for more details
  2. bincluding the aortic arc and brain supplying arteries
  3. cextended for up to 5 days after hospital discharge/ transfer to a rehabilitation clinic