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Table 2 Quality assessment of the included studies

From: Argentine tango in Parkinson disease – a systematic review and meta-analysis

Publication Romenets et al. [31] Duncan & Earhart [32] Foster et al. [33] Duncan & Earhart [10] Hackney et al. [34] Hackney et al. [24] Hackney et al. [36] Hackney et al. [22] Hackney & Earhart [16] Hackney & Earhart [23] McKee & Hackney [15] Hackney & Earhart [17] Kaski et al. [35]
Publication-specific aspects Objective/ aim of the study reported?
Description of study design
Hypothesis reported? - - - -
Adequate description of the subject assembly process, characteristics of study participants Description of determination of the study participants/number of participants justified - - - - - - - -
Methods for patient selection described - -
Description of inclusion criteria - -
Description of exclusion criteria - - - -
Eligible but not enrolled subjects and reason for exclusion - - - - - - cs cs
Number of participants enrolled in the study
If controlled design: is reported how the participants were assigned to the groups? uc cs cs
If RCT: randomization method explained? - - - - - nr cs cs
Baseline data for each group Baseline data reported ? ()a
Age reported? ()*2
Proportion female/male reported? -
Equality of comparison group in the case of controlled studies discussed (−)*1 uc cs cs
Adequate description of subject follow up Dropout-rates reported? - - - cs cs
Explanation for drop-outs? (for example dropout survey) - - - cs cs
Adequate description of treatment Description of treatment (for each group)
Intervention period reported?
Number of sessions
Duration of sessions
Group/ individual intervention?
Description of statistical methods  
Discussion of limitations   - - -
  1. Abbr.: uc = uncontrolled, nr = not randomized, cs = case study ano table with baseline data (but information: age and gender matched), *1four groups: PD Tango; PD Exercise, control: healthy Tango, control: healthy exercise; age and gender matched; this review interpreted the PD exercise group as control group (equality not discussed); *2information: at least 55 but a mean age is not reported