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Table 2 Clinical rating scales

From: Protocol of a randomised delayed-start double-blind placebo-controlled multi-centre trial for Levodopa in EArly Parkinson’s disease: the LEAP-study

Clinical rating scale Domain Best score Worst score
UPDRS Parkinsonism 0 199
MMSE Cognition 30 0
BDI-II Depression 0 63
ALDS Disability 100 0
EQ-5D Quality of life - -
PDQ-39 Quality of life 0 100
  1. UPDRS Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale, MMSE Mini Mental State Examination, BDI-II Beck Depression Inventory II, ALDS AMC Linear Disability Scale, EQ-5D European Quality of Life-5 Dimensions, PDQ-39 Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire-39