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Table 1 Patient demographics and clinical characteristics at SELECTED baseline

From: Safety and efficacy of daclizumab in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: 3-year results from the SELECTED open-label extension study

Characteristic Study population
(N = 410)
Age, years, mean (SD) 38 (9)
Female, % 62
No. of relapses in prior study, mean (SD)a 0.2 (0.5)
 Range 0–3
EDSS score, mean (SD) 2.7 (1.3)
 Range 0–6
No. of Gd+ lesions, mean (SD) 0.2 (1.0)
 Range 0–12
Patients with ≥1 Gd+ lesion(s), n (%) 40 (10)
No. of T2 hyperintense lesions, mean (SD) 46.3 (36.5)
 Range 0–194
T2 hyperintense lesion volume, mm3, median 3868
T1 hypointense lesion volume, mm3, median 751
Months on treatment, medianb 25
 Range <1–45
Doses, mean (SD) 27.7 (10.8)
 Median 28.0
 Range 1–49
  1. EDSS Expanded Disability Status Scale, Gd + Gadolinium-enhancing, SC Subcutaneous, SD Standard deviation
  2. aIncludes all relapses in SELECTION, whether in the treatment period, randomized washout phase, or follow-up period, either confirmed or not confirmed by an independent neurology evaluation committee
  3. bTime on treatment in days was derived as (date of last dose) – (date of first dose in SELECTED) + 1