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Table 1 Subscales and items within the MFI-20

From: The extent of using mobility assistive devices can partly explain fatigue among persons with late effects of polio – a retrospective registry study in Sweden

MFI-20 Subscales Item nr Item
General fatigue 1 I feel fit
5 I feel tired
12 I am rested
16 I tire easily
Physical fatigue 2 Physically I feel only able to do a little
8 Physically I can take on a lot
14 Physically I feel I am in a bad condition
20 Physically I feel I am in an excellent condition
Mental fatigue 7 When I am doing something, I can keep my thought on it
11 I can concentrate well
13 It takes a lot of effort to concentrate on things
19 My thoughts easily wander
Reduced activity 3 I feel very active
6 I think I do a lot in a day
10 I think I do very little in a day
17 I get little done
Reduced motivation 4 I feel like doing all sorts of nice things
9 I dread having to do things
15 I have a lot of plans
18 I don’t feel like doing anything