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Table 4 Overview of patients with cTNI elevations (ng/ml). 4 were diagnosed with NSTEMI, 1 with NSTEMI as a prodrome to a STEMI 4 days later. The NSTEMI diagnosis was “formal” and used the definition of rising cTNI levels in follow up laboratory tests. No patient except the one with a STEMI reported chest pain

From: Laboratory markers of cardiac and metabolic complications after generalized tonic-clonic seizures

No Sex* Age* Max. cTNI Epilepsy Hx Medical Hx EKG Cardiac Dx Other complications outcome
1 1 70–79 0.68 EZ: temporal
E: vascular
CNS-vasculitis, subdural hematoma, stroke, dementia, severe coronary artery disease with MI, stenting and aorto-coronary venous bypass, ICD, HTN, DM2, alcohol abuse New AF NSTEMI No Discharge home
2 1 80–89 0.14 EZ: unknown
TBI, AF, HTN, bedridden AF AF, no ischemia Delirium Discharge home
3 2 70–79 0.38 EZ: unknown
E: unknown
Hypothyroidism, Dyslipidemia T-inversion NSTEMI, received PTCA Skull laceration Discharge home
4 2 70–79 0.23 EZ: multifocal
E: unknown
HTN, ICH, vascular dementia Normal No ischemia No Discharge home
5 1 70–79 0.34- > 15.7 EZ: unknown
E: vascular
Stroke, PD, CHD with MI, polymyalgia, gastrointestinal bleeding ST-depression, then elevation NSTEMI as prodrome to STEMI 4 days later, received PTCA with DES No Transfer to cardiology, then home
6 2 50–59 3.85 EZ: unknown
E: unknown
Craniofacial dysostosis Delayed R-progression NSTEMI No Discharge home
7 2 70–79 1.35 EZ: unknown
TBI, stroke, coronary artery disease, NSTEMI T-Inversion NSTEMI Sopor, intubation, skull laceration Transfer to Geriatrics
8 2 70–79 0.12 EZ: unknown
E: vascular
Stroke, AF, urinary tract infection AF AF, no ischemia Sopor, intubation Transfer to Geriatrics, death within a month
9 2 40–49 0.09 EZ: temporal
E: unknown
Hypothyroidism Normal No ischemia Facial bruising Discharge home
  1. AF = atrial fibrillation; DES = drug eluding stent; DM2, diabetes mellitus type 2; EZ = epileptogenic zone; E: etiology; HTN, arterial hypertension; Hx = history; ICH, intracranial hemorrhage; NSTEMI = non ST elevation myocardial infarction; PTCA = percutaneous, transluminal coronary angiography; STEMI = ST elevation myocardial infarction; TBI = traumatic brain injury. *Sex is not indicated and age range (instead of age) is given to avoid potential identification of the patients (according to BMC policy)