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Fig. 1

From: A survey of subjective constipation in Parkinson’s disease patients in shanghai and literature review

Fig. 1

a Proportion of PD patients in different perceived time of constipation before onset of motor symptoms. 34.78% patients PD perceived constipation less than 2 years before onset of parkinsonian motor symptoms. 46.38% PD patients perceived constipation between 2 and 10 years before onset od motor symptoms. The rest 18.84% patients occured constipation more than 10 years before motor symptoms. b Time from different initial symptoms in PD. There was no difference between time from initial motor symptoms in ‘PD with post-motor constipation’ group and time from intial conspation in ‘PD with pre-motor constiaption’ group. (8.50 ± 4.66 versus 10.33 ± 10.13 years, t = 1.367, p = 0.175)

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