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Table 3 Main study behavioral tasks and fMRI session sequence

From: Michigan Neural Distinctiveness (MiND) study protocol: investigating the scope, causes, and consequences of age-related neural dedifferentiation

Session Measure Domain Approx. Time (min)
1 – Behavior Only MoCA Cognitive Screening Tool 10
VPA_1 Episodic Memory 9
Faces in Noise Visual 2
Auditory Threshold Auditory Screening Tool 7
Sentences in Noise Auditory 7
Objects in Noise Visual 2
Symbol Search Processing Speed 4
VPA_2 Episodic Memory 3
Coding Processing Speed 3
Buildings in Noise Visual 2
Purdue Pegboard 1 Motor 5
Digits in Noise Auditory 4
Purdue Pegboard 2 Motor 3
Scenes in Noise Visual 2
Break   5
NIH Words-In-Noise Test Auditory 6
NIH Flanker Inhibitory Control and Attention Test Executive Function 3
NIH List Sorting Working Memory Test Working Memory 9
NIH Dimensional Change Card Sort Test Executive Function 5
NIH Pattern Comparison Processing Speed Test Processing Speed 3
NIH Picture Sequence Memory Test Episodic Memory 6
NIH Picture Vocabulary Test Crystallized Intelligence 3
NIH Oral Reading Recognition Test Crystallized Intelligence 3
NIH 9-Hole Pegboard Dexterity Test Motor 6
NIH Grip Strength Test Motor 3
2 – Behavior + fMRI RBMT Story 1 Episodic Memory 2
Static Detection Threshold
Right Hand
Tactile 3
Dynamic Threshold
Right Hand
Tactile 3
Dynamic Threshold
Intra-hemispheric Conditioning
Tactile 5
Dynamic Threshold
Inter-hemispheric Conditioning
Tactile 5
NIH Visual Acuity Test Visual 2
RBMT Story 2 Episodic Memory 2
Functional Tactile Object Recognition Tactile 5
NIH 2-Minute Walk Endurance Test Motor 6
fMRI Task Preview   10
fMRI   50