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Table 4 Drug study exclusion and inclusion criteria

From: Michigan Neural Distinctiveness (MiND) study protocol: investigating the scope, causes, and consequences of age-related neural dedifferentiation

Exclusion Criteria Inclusion Criteria
• Glaucoma
• Respiratory problems
• Benzodiazepine allergy
• Past or present chemotherapy
• Immune system disorder
• Kidney or liver disease
• Hearing problems or use of a hearing aid
• Color blindness
• Motor control problems
• Psychotropic medication
• Current depression or anxiety, or occurrence of depression/anxiety within 5 years
• Concussion with unconsciousness for 5 min or more
• Pregnancy or attempting to become pregnant
• More than 4 alcoholic drinks per week for women, more than 6 for men
• History of drug or alcohol abuse or addiction
• Weight greater than 250 pounds
• MRI incompatibility (claustrophobic, foreign metallic objects, pacemaker, etc.)
• Age 18–29 years or 65 years and older
• Right-handed
• Native English speaker
• Healthy (i.e., no debilitating conditions, mental illness, or head trauma)