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Table 3 Primary Reasons for Discontinuing or not Initiating Corticosteroid Therapy among Males with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

From: Variability and trends in corticosteroid use by male United States participants with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in the Duchenne Registry

Module Query Number (%)a
Reasons for Discontinuing Corticosteroid Therapy n (%) N = 46
 Problems with side effects 30 (65.2)
 Not enough benefits 13 (28.3)
 Did not like the use of long term medication 2 (4.3)
 Other 1 (2.2)
Reasons for not Initiating Corticosteroid Therapy n % N = 114
 Worried about side effects 29 (25.4)
 Doctor never prescribed/recommended 26 (22.8)
 Other (starting soon, too young most common) 20 (17.5)
 Worried about not getting enough benefits 7 (6.1)
 Does not like the use of long term medicine 1 (0.9)
 Age 3 or under 31 (27.2)
  1. aA minority of respondents answered these questions