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Table 3 Laboratory and MRI monitoring of interferon beta patients according to the German competence network multiple sclerosis (KKNMS) [52]

From: An update on Peginterferon beta-1a Management in Multiple Sclerosis: results from an interdisciplinary Board of German and Austrian Neurologists and dermatologists

  Prior to IFN initiation During IFN treatment
After 1 month of initiation Quarterly during first year of treatment 1 year of initiation: every 6–12 months or as clinically indicated
Complete, differential blood cell & platelet counts x x x x
Liver enzyme tests (ALT, AST, GGT, bilirubin) x x x x
Renal function (creatinine, estimated creatinine clearance/GFR) x x x x
Inflammation and Infections (urine status) x  
TSH   periodically
Pregnancy test x  
MRI x annually