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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Towards seeing the visual impairments in Parkinson’s disease: protocol for a multicentre observational, cross-sectional study

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Diagnosis of PD according to the UKPDSBB criteria Hoehn and Yahr Parkinson’s staging score ≥ 4
The patient must be able and willing to give written informed consent Secondary cause of parkinsonism as detected by history (e.g. drug-induced parkinsonism)
The patient must be willing to participate in all study related activities and visits Secondary cause of parkinsonism as detected by investigation (e.g. vascular parkinsonism as detected by neuroimaging)
Age of onset Parkinson’s disease > 30 years Dementia according to DSM-IV
Stable doses of Parkinson medications ≥4 weeks Major depressive disorder according to DSM-IV
Current age ≥ 60 years Psychotic disorder(s) according to DSM-IV
  Prior brain surgery (except deep brain stimulation)
  Previous eye surgery (except phacoemulsification for cataract and artificial lenses)
  Blindness in 1 eye
  Medication that influences normal visual function other than PD medication. (Detailed information, please see Additional file 2: Appendix 2)
  Systemic diseases that may cause eye problems (HIV, DM type I, type II if the patient had ophthalmologic therapy and/or abnormalities at last screening)
  Neurodegenerative diseases other than Parkinson’s disease
  History of lesions near the optic chiasm or occipital cortex
  1. Inclusion and exclusion criteria of the Visual Impairment in Parkinson’s Disease study
  2. Abbreviations: UKPDSBB United Kingdom Parkinson’s Disease Soeciety Brain Bank, DSM-IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV, HIV human immunodeficiency virus, DM type I Diabetes Mellitus type I