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Table 2 Time points and measures collected at study enrollment and three assessment time points for all participants

From: A multi-site, randomized controlled trial of MS INFoRm, a fatigue self-management website for persons with multiple sclerosis: rationale and study protocol

Measure Time 0: Screening and study enrollment Time 1: Baseline assessmenta Time 2: 3-month follow-up Time 3: 6-month follow-up
Timepoint (months) 0 0a 3 9
Fatigue Severity Scale X    
Patient Health Questionnaire – 2 X    
Short Blessed Test X    
Demographic and disease-related information   X Xb Xb
Patient Determined Disease Steps Scale   X X X
Modified Fatigue Impact Scale   X X X
Multiple Sclerosis Self-Efficacy Scale   X X X
Perceived Deficits Questionnaire   X X X
Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale   X X X
Impact on Participation and Autonomy Questionnaire   X X X
  1. aWithin 1-week of study enrollment
  2. bModified to ask questions pertaining to changes to medications, rehabilitation services, employment status, and occurrence of MS relapse since last interview time point