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Table 5 The association between rs4261436, rs17522122 and astrocytoma patient OS and PFS

From: Impact of AKAP6 polymorphisms on Glioma susceptibility and prognosis

Log-rank pSR (1−/3-year)HR (95%CI)pLog-rank pSR (1−/3-year)HR (95%CI)p
rs4261436TT0.0380.258/0.0331.00 0.1760.152/−1.00 
TC0.367/0.1160.70 (0.49–0.99)0.0450.178/−0.75 (0.53–1.07)0.116
CC0.356/0.1110.81 (0.64–1.02)0.0780.267/−0.88 (0.70–1.12)0.308
rs17522122GG0.0250.268/0.0491.00 0.0530.137/−1.00 
GT0.352/0.1060.75 (0.59–0.95)0.0160.190/−0.79 (0.55–1.13)0.686
TT0.341/0.0420.78 (0.54–1.12)0.8180.268/−0.78 (0.62–0.99)0.038
  1. OS Overall survival, PFS Progression free survival, SR Survival rate, HR Hazard ratio, 95% CI 95% Confidence interval
  2. Log-rank p values were calculated using the Chi-Square test
  3. Bold values indicate statistical significance (p < 0.05)