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Table 1 Clinical profile in cerebral infarction patients with unusual ipsilateral motor impairment

From: Spectrum of clinical features and neuroimaging findings in acute cerebral infarction patients with unusual ipsilateral motor impairment– a series of 22 cases

No.Past strokeRecent CI
Type and Main symptomsInterval between strokesSide and type of paralysisMRC grading (arm/leg)DTR (arm/leg)Pathological reflex (arm/leg)
1CI, LP(R)3 monthsR/LP4/45/5++/++++/++−/−−/−
3CI, LP(R)3 yearsL + R/LP4/44/4++/++++/++−/−−/−
4CH, LP(L)3 monthsL/LP4/45/5++/++++/++−/−−/−
5CI, LP(L)2 yearsL/LP4/45/5++/++++/++−/−−/−
6CI, LP(R)1 yearsL/LP4/45/5++/++++/++−/−−/−
7CI, LP(R)2 yearsR/LP4/45/5++/+++++/++−/−−/−
9CI, LP(R)1 yearsR/LP4/45/5++/++++/++−/+−/−
10CI, LP(R)1 yearsL/LP4/44/4++/++++/++−/−−/−
12CI, LP(R)5 yearsR/LP4/45/5+/+++/++−/−−/−
13CI, LP(R)2 yearsR/LP3/45/5++/++++/++−/+−/−
15CH,LP(L)3 yearsL/LP4/45/5++/++++/++−/−−/−
16CI, HH(R)5 yearsR/LP4/45/5++/++++/++−/+−/−
17CI, LP(L)8 yearsL/LP4/45/5++/+++/++−/−−/−
18L/LP + CF4/45/5++/++++/++−/−−/−
20CI, LP(R)4 yearsR/LP4/45/5+++/++++/++−/−−/−
21CI, LP(R)1 yearR/LP3/35/5+++/+++++/++−/+−/−
22CI, LP(L)3 yearsL/LP4/45/5+/++/+−/−−/−
  1. CI cerebral infarction, CH cerebral hemorrhage, M male, F female, R right, L left, LP limb paralysis, CF central facioplegia, HH Homonymous Hemianopia, MRC manual motor power test using Medical Research Council grading (arm/leg), DTR deep tendon reflex, Ipsi ipsilateral side to recent lesion, Contr contralateral side to recent lesion