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Table 1 Study exclusion and inclusion criteria

From: The EXPANd trial: effects of exercise and exploring neuroplastic changes in people with Parkinson’s disease: a study protocol for a double-blinded randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
- Idiopathic PD
- Hoehn & Yahr [25] scores 2 to 3
- Stable dose of anti-Parkinson’s medication for approximately 3 weeks
- ≥ 60 years of age
- Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) [26] score ≥ 21
- Ambulate indoors without mobility aid
- Balance impairments (≤27 on the Mini-BESTest)
- Any other existing disorder that may substantially influence balance performance, voice or speech performance or participation in the interventions
- Having participated in an intensive exercise program for balance or speech during the last six months
For imaging
- Pacemakers, deep brain stimulators or other MRI incompatible implants
- Claustrophobia
- Unilateral or bilateral blindness
- Inability to hear instructions without hearing aid
- Severe states of: diplopia, tremor, dyskinesia or dystonia