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Table 1 Results of nerve conduction studies

From: A patient with McLeod syndrome showing involvement of the central sensorimotor tracts for the legs

Motor nerve conduction study
NerveDistal latencyAmplitude (mV) Velocity
Right Median4.111.310.353
Right Ulnar2.46.04.460
Right Tibial5.14.3 (normal > 7.0)3.3 (normal > 7.0)44
Left Tibial4.36.5 (normal > 7.0)3.9 (normal > 7.0)45
Right Fibular5.00.6 (normal > 0.6)0.5 (normal > 0.6)36
Left Fibular2.63.83.740
Sensory nerve conduction study
 Distal latencyAmplitude (μV) Velocity
Right Median3.111.23.160
Right Ulnar3.35.20.854
Right Sural2.83.0 (normal > 15.0) 50
Left Sural3.43.0 (normal > 15.0) 42
  1. The bold Italic values indicate under the normal limits