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Table 4 Medical costs PPPM for all MS patients and those in the month of relapse

From: Recent transition of medical cost and relapse rate of multiple sclerosis in Japan based on analysis of a health insurance claims database

PPPM (2016)all MS patientsPatients with relapse
 Medical procedure¥26,804¥250,429
 Imaging (CT, MRI)¥792¥11,765
 Lab test¥2028¥21,417
 Prescription drug (DMT)¥1166¥10,509
 Prescription drug (relapse treatment)¥162¥4507
 Prescription drug (others)¥3924¥36,928
 Medical procedure¥5112¥9472
 Imaging (CT, MRI)¥1941¥6869
 Lab test¥3053¥5701
 Prescription drug (DMT)¥60,323¥51,874
 Prescription drug (relapse treatment)¥75¥2692
 Prescription drug (others)¥13,641¥12,498