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Table 2 Serum inflammatory, oxidative and antioxidant biomarkers in migraine patients compared to healthy controls

From: An investigation of oxidant/antioxidant balance in patients with migraine: a case-control study

(n = 19)
Episodic Migraineurs
(n = 44)
Chronic Migraineurs
(n = 27)
P value
CAT (pg/ml)8075.95a462.795452.14 a891.983354.00 a414.570.000
SOD (pmol/ml)5117.37 a183.905086.23 b514.484210.63 a,b308.280.000
GPx-1 (pg/ml)4168.58 a322.744284.23 b178.714441.04 a,b234.150.001
TEAC (pmol/ml)136,203.68 a7023.84137,281.59 b14,685.31103,637.41 a,b7197.490.000
NO (pg/ml)5101.68 a489.096461.23 a744.327329.81 a775.340.000
MDA (pg/ml)3125.53 a251.733844.93 a349.755005.19 a138.380.000
  1. CAT, Catalase. SOD, Superoxide dismutase. GPx-1, Glutathione peroxidase-1. TEAC, Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity. NO, nitric oxide. MDA, malondialdehyde. SD, Standard deviation