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Table 3 Risk factors for ischemic stroke in Morocco according to selected studies (Part Two)

From: Ischemic stroke in Morocco: a systematic review

StudiesLocationSmoking (%)OR 95% CIPrevious stroke/ family history of stroke (%)Alcoholism (%)OR 95% CIOral contraception (%)Others (%)
MBAGUI, R., 2009 [29]Rabat33,67,617,34,8
Abjaw, Z et al., 2009 [13]Marrakech13,117,813,110,7 ob
Rhissassi et al., 2010 [34]Fes
N A-Y AMESSAN., 2010 [15]Rabat1552,5
Chraa, M., 2010 [30]Marrakech25,311,912,219,88 ob
They TP et al., 2011 [40]Casablanca22C/7,1Cl*†3,7 1,7-7,815,4 C /2,2 Cl**†8,8 2,6-
AZDAD, O., 2012 [33]Fes12,90,225,46,64
RACHDI, L., 2012 [27]Meknes137
Bendriss, L et al., 2012 [17]Marrakech35,415,4ob
Chtaou, N., 2012 [25]Fes1412   
Saraya, T., 2013 [35]Rabat41,84,74,1319,4ob
Bourazza, A., 2013 [19]Rabat
They TP et al., 2013 [41]Casablanca22C/7,1Cl*Ω15,4C/2,2Cl**Ω
Ibouajbane, M., 2014 [31]Meknes52,5517,52,5ob/5M
Balar, K et al., 2014 [36]Casablanca   
Chraa, M et al., 2014 [22]Marrakech40,62,3831,21,56 M
Diakite, B et al., 2014 [39]Casablanca
Allaoui, A et al., 2018 [43]Casablanca32−/251224M
RACHDI., L et al., 2015 [28]Fes77
Belkouch et al., 2015 [16]Rabat
Chraa, M., 2015 [21]Marrakech25,35
Diakite, B et al., 2015 [37]Casablanca34,1
Benkirane, N et al.,2015 [18]C and R31,826,1Ob
Yonmadji, N., 2016 [32]Fes18,68,408,8
Daouda et al., 2018 [24]Fes
Diakite, B et al., 2016 [38]Casablanca33,78
Chraa M et al., 2017 [20]Marrakech25,3
Hadi, A et al., 2018 [26]Marrakech33,39,220 Ob
Chtaou, N et al., 2016 [23]Fes46
  1. C Cases, Cl Controls, IS Ischemic Stroke, YIS Young Ischemic Stroke, ISTr Ischemic stroke trombolysed, Ob Obesity, M Migraine, HBP High Blood Pressure
  2. Casablanca and Rabat; *P-value< 0,05; **P-value< 0,001; P-values obtained using Mantel–Haenszel chi-square exact test; ΩP value obtained using Fisher’s exact test